Best Headphones with Mic

If you’re looking for a headset that can let you hear the reality in your game, then you should look for the best ones in their field. Comfort, for example, is key when choosing the perfect set of gaming headphones as gamers generally play for long hours. Let’s take a look at two of the best headsets with mic when it comes to gaming online!

ZIUMIER Gaming Headset


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Check out what Ziumier has now for you! These high-quality headphones will let you enjoy the feeling of being immersed in your favorite games like GTA5, Battlefield 1, Call of Duty, Overwatch, World of Warcraft Legion, and many others! By purchasing the ZIUMIER Z66 Led headset you will receive one Pro Gaming Headset, a user manual, and a 1-in-2  durable Y-splitter cable. We can guarantee that this headset is absolutely an infallible pick to enhance your gaming experience! 

Best Features

It has great multi-platform compatibility. The headset is suitable for all 3.5mm interface devices. It works on Windows PC, Mac OS PC, Computer, Laptop, PSP, PlayStation 4, PS Vita, Nintendo Switch/3DS, Xbox One/ One S, iPad, Tablet, and Mobile Phone. Warning: an extra Microsoft Adapter, which is not included in the purchase, is needed to connect with an old version of Xbox One.

Ergonomic and comfortable design

This headset is designed for lightweight comfort, with soft breathing protein material, flexible and fit headband, and retractable head beam. So, don’t worry, these headphones will relieve you from ear pressure, heat sweat and hearing impairment during intense gaming hours.

It also has high-quality sound. Ziumier Z66 led headset assures crystal-clear sound of footsteps, warcraft, and bombing, making the gaming experience much more vivid! Moreover, the High-grade 50MM driver with neodymium magnets allows for a  clean bass. Finally, these headphones also have full noise sealing: the microphone contains noise-canceling tech that can transmit high-quality communication and the headphones feature anti-static tech inside which prevents static sound from happening. Last but not least, the microphone is 90° rotating adjustable with a 360 degree pick up voice!


  • The headset is light-weight, comfortable, and adjustable. The cushioning on the top and sponginess around the ears provides comfort; the foam protectors do not make any kind of pressure and don’t leave any marks. 
  • The sound quality is impressive, both in-game and in team conversations. The crystal clear sound allows an immersive and enjoyable gaming experience and the microphone captures the voice clearly, without interference, and works perfectly well to cancel background noises.
  • The headset comes with a USB cable for the outside LED color lighting, which is very attractive. As the lighting is run through USB and not through the controller, the battery is not drained by the lights.
  • The cords are sturdy and long enough to plug into the back of the computer if necessary.


  • Bass sound could be improved for those who prefer deeper bass sounds.
  • There may be some echo feedback during a call.
  • In case the headset does not fit well your head, then complete noise cancellation will not likely take place, so make sure they are your size!


Good quality and unique experience guaranteed!

If you’re still wondering whether to buy the Ziumier Z66 LED headset, then don’t! It’s the best choice for yourself, friends or kids, especially for those who like playing for long hours. The headset is both adjustable and comfortable with sturdy and durable cables and provides an amazing gaming experience! 

Besides, who wouldn’t want some headphones with some cool led color lighting? So don’t wait any longer, get your new set of Ziumier headphones, and enjoy all these features at a very reasonable price! Show your friends what you got!

DIZA100 Stereo Gaming Headset


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Sometimes finding the perfect headset for gamers can be a really hard task. But look no further! Diza has an amazing offer for you. The Diza100 Stereo Gaming Headset with its 50 mm sound large drive unit inside will give you higher sensitivity and immersive gaming experience. 

It is comfortable to use thanks to its cozy soft earpads; it has a flexible headband, a noise-canceling microphone, and volume controller; and it is compatible with several platforms! And if this weren’t enough, it is also designed with 7 colors, cool breathing LED lights. So keep reading and check out the main features that this product has! It will definitely not disappoint you.

Universal Game Headset

This gaming headphone supports Laptop, PC, Mac, mobile phone, tablet, Nintendo Switch, PS4,PS4 Slim, PS4 Pro, Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox one X, PC, PSP, 3DS, 3DS LL. Warning: an extra Microsoft Adapter, which is not included, is needed to connect with and old version of Xbox One controller.

Comfy Impact

The suitable fit of the head form, the retractable band and breathable ear pads plus protein leather case make sure that players enjoy the optimal wearing comfort. Say goodbye to the pressure and marks on your head and ears!

Immersive 7.1 Surround Sound Optimistic

This gaming headset with fine distortion and strong frequency is professionally designed for avid gamers. It contains a 360-degree stereo surround sound which makes you feel the the enemies’ movements at any time, giving you higher sensitivity and immersive gaming experience. It also has a superb noise Cancellation Microphone. This gaming headphone microphone is adjustable and versatile to steal up sound in 360 degrees. The added IC noise reduction chip can pick up sounds that are sensitive and remove noise so that you can clearly communicate or receive messages in a game or online chat. 

The cool breathing LED light adds even more value to this excellent headphone. The headset features 7 assorted colors led lights on the earcups which gives the headphones an attractive and cool look. All your friends will want to have them!


  • Good design: it is well built and lightweight; the microphone is retractable; the ear cups and cushions on top of the head are big and soft; cords are long and sturdy. The headset also fits smaller heads, which is perfect for children!
  • High-quality sound: it has a clear sound with a good balance of bass and treble and the microphone is crystal clear. It also features a dedicated volume controller.
  • Noise cancellation:  it seals most outside noises, especially when used at high volume.
  • Connectivity: to see the Led light, USB needs to be plugged in addition to connecting the headset using the audio plug. The RGB illumination is very cool!


  • It’s not easy to tell whether the mute button is on or not because there are no visible markers.
  • The bass does not sound so good if you’re more into a ton of deep bass.

Don’t hesitate any longer and get yourself the DIZA100 Stereo Gaming Headset! We highly recommend this product if you’re looking for good quality at an affordable price. This headset won’t let you down, it is very useful for avid gamers or any user who desires genuine sound high-quality and direct transmission capabilities. 

Get ready for the best sound and gaming experience!

Both these headphones are durable and designed with a flexible, secured microphone that features both good sending and receiving audio. They are comfortable both on top and sides of the head, giving an extremely enjoyable gaming experience; no more marks after long hours of playing your favorite game! The high-quality sound and well built noise-canceling microphone will allow you to feel the reality inside the game! 

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