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Wired Or Wireless? Choosing The Best Kind Of Headphones For You

A great German philosopher once said that without music, life would be a mistake. And without headphones, it would be much worse, I may add! If you love listening to music or podcasts, you surely know how important it is to have a good pair of headphones that adapts to your needs and to your daily life activities. There are a lot of earpieces on the market, and sometimes finding the best option becomes a tiring task.

When choosing which headset to buy, you have to consider whether they should be wired or wireless. Making this choice is not easy, and it’s hard to see which option is the best for you. Stop worrying about it! We have gone through the trouble of doing that work ourselves, and we have found two hidden jewels.

You might never have heard about the XZY Earphones or the Cshidworld Wireless Earbuds, but do not let the fact that the brands are not well known to you deter you. Sometimes a  well-known name does not equal to great quality. These headphones have proved to be good options for those of us who look for quality while being on a budget!

XZY Earphones


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These super-light wired earphones are a great option for those people who love listening to music on the go or listening to podcasts on the way home. Of course, they are not the best quality ones on the market but they're quite good for the price, if you're on a budget, being under $15.

Their design is ergonomic, guaranteeing a comfy fit, and they are made of sound-insulating material, which helps to reduce the external noise and also minimizes the sound leakage. As a result, you will have not only a pair of sleek and elegant black earphones but also ones which offer a good quality sound.

Its audio performance is great, as it can handle bass sounds, mids and also high pitched tunes. XZY Earphones are also compatible with all the different types of phones, either iPhones or Android phones. Compatibility isn’t limited to phones. They are also compatible with iPods, iPads, tablets and Windows devices. Of course, any other popular music devices, such as MP3 or MP4 players will also be compatible as long as they feature a 3.5mm headphone socket.

Pros and cons

Based on some positive reviews of the article we could say that:


  • The quality is quite good for the price. 
  • The headphones are quite durable.


  • When playing music, highs tend to override mids and lows.
  • The earphones only come in black.

Should I buy it?

The XYZ Earbuds are a great option for you if you are looking for a balance between quality and cost. For less than $15, you get what you pay for. They might not be the fanciest headset ever, but it does the job, and it does it well. They are perfect for your daily commute and just normal day-to-day usage, either as simple earbuds or as a hands-free device for your phone. 

Cshidworld Wireless Earbuds 


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If you're looking for almost all the features of Apple’s Airpods but for less than half the price, then look no further. These wireless earbuds are the best option there is on the market. The Cshidworld Wireless Earbuds come with a sleek charging case, where you can also store them. Is this case, the charging case is not wireless but it comes with a USB charging wire that you can plug into any computer or wall socket with the help of any USB adapter.

Bluetooth technology allows you to pair it with any Bluetooth device you own. These earbuds provide fast pairing and also a stable connection to your phone as well as stable signal transmission. They can be automatically powered on and off thanks to their latest one-step pairing technology. That means that you won’t be required to press any button to activate them or to turn them off. Everything's done as if by magic.

Cshidworld Wireless Earbuds also include a microphone with which you can make calls on your phone. You can use the wireless earbuds as a hands-free call device. The phone call quality is great since the earbuds provide clear sound quality.

Their battery life is also excellent: up to seven hours of playing time on just one charge. The smart charging case that comes included can charge your buds up to five times when fully charged. That means that with only one full charge of your case you get up to 35 hours of music on your earbuds. 

Finally, these earplugs are water-resistant and protected against sweat and rain. You can enjoy listening to music under any weather condition and doing practically almost any sport. On top of that, there is a 30 days trouble-free return policy and a one-year warranty.


  • The Cshidworld Wireless Earbuds can be used together (stereo mode) or separate (one earbud in mono mode).
  • The audio is clear for both calls and music.
  • They are quite comfy to   wear for hours


  • The charging case does not fully close if the ear covers are left on the earbuds, so you need to remove them every time you charge them.
  • The case does not have a lightning connection, but a USB one.

Should I buy it?

If you want great quality wireless earbuds without paying loads of money for them, then the Cshidworld Wireless Earbuds are definitely for you. They are also great if you are very active and want to listen to music or podcasts on the go without the hassle of wired headsets. These wireless earbuds are a great choice for you, and they are really worth a try.


The decision between Bluetooth or wired headsets is quite hard and depends on a lot of factors. Some people claim that choosing one or the other can affect the quality of sound. If you listen to the same song, first with a wireless pair of headphones and then with wired ones, you will notice an unmistakable drop in the quality of the sound. You do not have to be an expert audio connoisseur to perceive the difference between them.

However, the switch to wireless headphones can be a better option when convenience is preferable, which usually, but not necessarily, coincides with a loss of audio fidelity. If we take into account the customer reviews for both the XYZ Earbuds and the Cshidworld Wireless Earbuds, we can see that the audio quality is not directly related to the presence or absence of a wired connection.

If they fit in your budget, I would personally recommend buying the Cshidworld Wireless Earbuds, since they have proved to be the perfect balance among comfort, audio quality, and price. These wireless earbuds have nothing to envy Apple’s Airpods.

However, if your budget is more reduced, the XYZ Earbuds are still a good option for you, since the quality is not that bad for the price you are paying. I hope this review has been of help, and remember, you can always get great quality for a good price!

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